Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Scooping out oblong vaults

Long, steel guns,
Pointed from the war ships
In the name of the war god.
Straight, shining, polished guns,
Clambered over with jackies in white blouses,
Glory of tan faces, tousled hair, white teeth,
Laughing lithe jackies in white blouses,
Sitting on the guns singing war songs, war chanties.

Broad, iron shovels,
Scooping out oblong vaults,
Loosening turf and leveling sod.

I ask you
To witness-
The shovel is brother to the gun.

--Carl Sandburg


Dixie Jane said...

In answer to yesterday's question concerning bats: Yes, people by the hundreds watch those bats every evening. There are even those who sell t-shirts honoring the occasion. Bats are creepy to me but I understand that they keep down the mosquito population.

Anonymous said...

Great poem and photo combination. Where is this?

Trish said...

Anon---not far from yesterday's pic---over at the War Memorial Building in SoPas.

beautiful poem L!

altadenahiker said...

That poem is new to me. Thank you!

Judy Williams said...

You opened my eyes to another Carl Sandburg! Thanks for that.

I like "laughing lithe jackies in white blouses"

Surely conjures up an image in my head.

Anonymous said...

Looks great! Nice poem, and the photo is perfect suitable for the poem.

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