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Welcome! You've found my archived virtual front porch.

For five years, I posted a photo with commentary every single day from South Pasadena -- Los Angeles' little town in the big city. (There are more details in the side bar to your right.)  If you look through the archives you will find my daily musings, a few rants, a lot of history, some interesting tidbits and several thousand views of early 21st century South Pas.  In 2012, I eased off from daily posting, but was amazed that the blog was still visited by so many.  

I started regularly posting again in March, 2016.  I kept the original old-school Glimpses blog design, the one I started with back in 2007.  (We're nostalgic here in South Pas.)  I was an old-school blogger, even in the age of social media. I blogged here and in various other places for over 17 years.

In 2018, Glimpses turned 10 years old -- which seemed like a good time to call it a day. 

Find more of my photos from South Pas as well as greater Los Angeles and Southern California archived at my also-retired photography blog Glancing About.  Thanks for the support, friends!   

Visit my store for prints and other photo goodies. You can also contact me for large prints or special requests.

You can click the many label links on the bottom right column of this blog for specific subjects, click here for a list of all videos and slideshows, or just wander around. Everyone knows South Pas is a great place to explore...  

My personal website is laurieallee.com.  Any future updates will be published there.

Thanks for stopping by!

Technical Details:
I shoot with Nikon, Lumix, iPhone and a FujiFilm point-and-shoot that for mysterious reasons takes incredible night photos.  Occasionally I go old-school with a 1980s Yashica TLR.

The Bigger Picture:
Consider this blog an ongoing love letter to the place I call home.