Sunday, June 5, 2011

Darker the bark, Longer the shadows...

The blossoms of lilac,
And shattered,
The atoms of purple.
Green dip of the leaves,
Darker the bark,
Longer the shadows.

Sheer lines of poplar
Shimmer with masses of silver
And down in a garden old with years
And broken walls of ruin and story,
Roses rise with red rain-memories.
In the open world
The sun comes and finds your face,
Remembering all.

--Carl Sandburg


Judy Williams said...

I forget how much I love his poetry.

I'm such a fan of shadow. Those that are weaved onto the pavement are delicious. Is that car an old Lexus? HA

Shanna said...

I love tree shadows too.

It's interestging that you put that single straight palm tree right in the center.

Michelle said...

Where is everyone?

This is gorgeous, Laurie.