Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Love Street

You all know how much I love doodles in cement. (Actually, this one is my all-time favorite.) There is something so wistful and sweet about these signatures from the past.


Yakpate said...

You're a genius! One who not only looks up and out... but down!

What a great contrast to yesterday's gravity-defying perspective. And what a sweet way to be grounded.

Judy Williams said...

John Osborne
loved Virginia Hughes
her petticoats, lipstick
her scuffed up shoes

Virginia loved John
slicked hair
and black jacket
souped up car
it's V-8, a racket

But that's a love story
from long ago
etched in cement
so we all would know

That even though JO and VH
are gone
their memory of romance
lives on
and on

Dixie Jane said...

It's interesting to note that down through the ages, initials plus other initials, expresses love between two people. It may be on a tree, or a park bench, the sidewalk, the street,in a restaurant booth, in the dirt, in the sand, on a dirty car. The need to express one's self is paramount. I like to see that some things never change.

Laurie said...

I'm loving that poem, Jude.

Pasadena Adjacent said...

Judy Williams...sweet

I'm with a VH but I'm not a JO...(and he drives a beater)

Shanna said...

Judy: I love your poem!
Laurie: I love that composition!

Yakpate said...

Judy: Your wonderful poem is a perfect compliment to LA's shot: spontaneous, direct, and yet structured.

Laurie said...

Thanks, y'all!

Sumi Ko said...

This is a fantastic image, I like it! There's some magic going on here, as I saw the tire as a ceiling and the side walk with the heart as a curved wall. Wonderful flat composition and color.

Laurie said...

Thanks, Sumi! Your opinion means a lot to me!