Monday, March 29, 2010

Like the Wind

Cyclists, vintage car enthusiasts (and photographers) aren't the only ones who meander down the winding stretch of road along the Arroyo. Here, runners make the most of warm spring weather -- and cast three lovely shadows in the late afternoon light.

Looks like the tree wants to join in.


Shanna said...

When I really enlarge this photo, I see an interesting correlation between the wiggly shadows of the runners and the wiggly cracks on the road.

Judy will love the diagonal shadow!

Judy Williams said...

Shanna nailed it - I LOVE that shadow!! I do like the cracks in the road as well. Almost like snake tracks. :)

altadenahiker said...

I always learn something from Shanna and Judy. And you.

Yakpate said...

I love the way the tree trunk seems to be leaning after the runners, as if it really does want to join them.

I also like the way the tree and its shadow look like a demarcation line... as if the boys have just crossed into another dimension.

Hmmm.... did I double-medicate today?

Barbara said...

Looks like ghost shadows in the foreground.

Trish said...

I spent many a day and night riding my bike or walking this part of Arroyo. Most often, not so many cars, ergo, safer than other surrounding streets.

Have to agree with the critiques of the the lines and wiggly symmetry!

Those cracks have been there longer than *I* have been alive---there was a rumor many years back that Arroyo would fall off into THE Arroyo---all I could think about was "a road on my softball field!?!?!". I was a slightly self centered kid who grew up to think of others when I realized the world included things outside of SoPas!

Pasadena Adjacent said...

Yakpate beat me to it

The unsocial shadow.

Give me a hollar. I'm doing a tour of the other side of the hill

wv: spiquate

I like that word. Might name my next cat Spiquate

Shanna said...

I had the same thought as Yak about the leaning tree trunk, but at 2:30 a.m. I was too tired to type any more.

Virginia said...

Ohhh l love this a lot. A fine composition. You must have a lot of patience my friend.

Laurie said...

Thanks, everyone! (And right back atcha, Hiker.)

Yak and Shanna, you'll notice that I wrote the same thing about the tree leaning in to join the runners.

This is an odd little favorite of mine. I really love high contrast monochrome shots -- especially if they include a captured moment. Virg, I think those poor runners thought I was crazy clicking madly at them as they ran by.

Until tomorrow, people!