Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Everyday Magic

"Mommy," my four year old daughter said, "what is that thing?"

"What thing?" I said.

"THAT thing." She said. "That thing over there that looks like a moon on top of a little chimney that doesn't have a house under it."

"What do you think it is?" I said.

"I think it's where the flower fairies live. They sleep there during the day and at night they sneak out and make flowers when no one is looking."

(I didn't have the heart to tell her it was just a light fixture.)


Judy Williams said...

Wouldn't it be nice if we could all remain as fresh and non-jaded as a child?

That pink is just spectacular. WOW

Mister Earl said...

What light fixture? I don't see a light fixture. I do see golden poppies, however.

We can, Judy, but it's risky!

Barbara said...

Oh my, that is beautiful. The green shapes and the flower fairy globe against a giant cloud of pink blossoms. I do have a special fondness for things the look like the moon.

dbdubya said...

How do you know Little Bit isn't correct? I don't know where flower faries live. Do you? The little moon makes as much sense as anywhere, and there's certainly a bunch of flowers nearby.

I'm glad you didn't tell her that it was just a light fixture. Let her imagination run wild. It opens up the world to not only her, but also to all of your readers.

Leslie Saeta said...

So where was this photo taken? Those blooms are amazing!

Sumi Ko said...

I liked dbdubya's comment.

It could be that imagination is the key to making beautiful sense of every day things, it has it own wonderful logic.

At first, I thought Raine was speaking about the mass of pink blooms floating above, Mother Nature's magic. She's really sneaky!

Grateful Twin Mom said...

Sneak out at night, indeed. And a beautiful result it is....

Dixie Jane said...

I'm captivated by that wall of pink flowers. And I don't care if the moon sits on a chimney with no house under it. The fairies have to live somewhere! Hooray for Little Bit who gives us a chance to still believe in fairies.

altadenahiker said...


WV: clumomie. Momie needs to get a clu.

Laurie said...

Silly me... thinking that fairy house was just a light fixture at the end of someone's driveway. I'm so glad I have my little fairy ambassador to fill me in on the truth of things!

Leslie, these dazzling blossoms are lining a driveway in Monterey Hills -- but I'm blanking on the street. If you went up Via Cassano and turned right at the top of the hill you'd see it on your right after driving about half a block. I think. But I'm not sure.

Little Bit and I wander around this town so much with my camera it's like we're doing patrols! I had to laugh last week when she said, "Mommy, when I'm five can I have my OWN blog?" Atta girl.

Thanks for the great comments, everyone. Spring is definitely here and the flowers are wonderful. (Thanks, fairies!)

Ken Mac said...

like a space pod amid all that green-pinkery!

TheChieftess said...

"on top of a little chimney that doesn't have a house under it" ...classic...print this baby out and put it somewhere safe for Little Bit when she's grown...

Wayne said...

Like mother like daughter.

That shot is a stunner LA!

Pasadena Adjacent said...

Thats a whole lot of pink fairy dust. Barbie would love it. A friend of mine is a Barbie stylist (they exist). She's convinced that it's genetically encoded into the female gene to love purple and pink.

Barbie gets what Barbie wants

Petrea said...

That is an entrance to faerie if I ever saw one, and I've seen plenty. Little Bit is quite astute. Beautiful shot.

Margaret said...

Go away! She did not say that. You made that up. It's too adorable.

Shanna said...


That's funny. I thought Lattle Bit already has a blog, called, "Paws", about stuffed animals. Did I make that up?

Yakpate said...

Fairies and magic are a wonderful addition to lives that too often are bleak... but honestly, I can't imagine anything surpassing the magic and glory of that wall of pink blossoms. Thank you, LA!

Judy Williams said...

Isn't it interesting that a fairy story with a wall of pink blossoms has already received 18 comments and the woman on the bike only got 7? Hmmmmm

cloud my sky
with fairy dust
while pink blooms
scatter themselves
across the wall
and over the grass
making the blush
of their color
like that
of a lover's cheek

come to me oh spring!
bring these days
of wonder and dismay
carrying our hearts
away from the winter's chill
into our view
with rose colored glasses

Laurie said...

Thanks, everyone!

Judy... too fabulous.

Shanna, no blog named Paws... unless I mention it to Little Bit and she decides she just HAS to do it. (She needs to learn to write more than her name, though. Then again, it could be conceptual!)

PA, count me among those women with the pink loving gene. (Purple too.) And only YOU would have a friend who is a Barbie stylist. I'm jealous.

Shanna said...

Judy: Tears doth come to mine eyes!
Really really wonderful poem!
Did you see Shell Sheree's recent post about the rose tinted street lamps in Venice, Italy?

Petrea said...

Good one, Shanna. Here's Shell Sherree's post. Be sure and click the link to see Pierre's original photo. Both Shell's and Pierre's posts are pink delights not to be missed.

Pasadena Adjacent said...

Did you write that poem?

Natalie said...

I don't know what I love more--the picture or the story. Adorable!