Friday, May 4, 2012

Another Shameless Birthday Post

Look who is growing up ENTIRELY TOO FAST!

Because today is Little Bit's 7th birthday, she told me to tell all of you that everybody gets seven wishes.

"Just be sure to use the wishes wisely, Mommy. I'm serious. And no using a wish to wish for even more wishes because that's just rude."


Now, go out and have some cake!


Judy Williams said...

Happiest of B-days, my darling girl. Eat cake, skip on the sidewalk, twirl til you're dizzy, and open lots of presents!!!

7! I can hardly believe it.

Mister Earl said...

Happy Birthday, Little Bit!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday kid!

dbdubya said...

Happy Birthday, Raine!

TheChieftess said...

Geeze!!! Didn't she just turn 6???

Happy Birthday Lil' Bit!!!

Pasadena Adjacent said...

Happy Birthday Little Bit! you are a living doll. Hope all your wishes come true. (Don't forget to wish for (NO MORE COLDS) just a thought

Petrea Burchard said...

Happy birthday, Little Bit! And how generous of you to grant us all 7 wishes. I will use mine carefully.

Auntie S said...

Happy Birthday to Raine!

Enjoy being Seven, sharing happy times with family and friends, and adventures great and small.

Thanks for the 7 wishes!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to R!

Shanna said...

It is hard to believe that YOU, darling one, are now seven. I held you when you were less than one day old!

Thank you for the 7 wishes. I will use them wisely!

Love you!
Aunt Shanna

Anonymous said...

This is so great!

Laurie Allee said...

Thanks, everyone! Raine says thank you, too. :-)