Monday, October 17, 2011

Details (#1)

Welcome to a week of little details here at Glimpses. Let's take a look at some of the textures and patterns that make up the fabric of our town.

Today, I bring you a squirrel's eye view of one of South Pasadena's beautiful old sycamore trees. The camphors and heritage oaks get a lot of attention -- well-deserved, of course-- but these stately sycamores are worth celebrating, too.

Join me for a week of little details as I explore macro views of the objects around us.


Judy Williams said...

My first thought was how cool that would be as an overlay for another photo. You know me - I'm as much into editing as you are into the straight-out-of-the camera technique.

I like the shading and textural variances. If you really study it, you can almost see a face.

Dixie Jane said...

I love your squirrel's eye view of a sycamore tree.

Anonymous said...

Nice shot, and I see a number of face-like images in the upper third center.

Bellis said...

This is the best kind of artwork. I love the bark of trees.

Anonymous said...

I've always liked sycamores. They're not as flashy as other trees but really stately.

Laurie said...

Judy, you could do a wonderful overlay.

I see faces in this bark, too!