Sunday, July 31, 2011

Time Out

Sitting on this bench -- perched above the 110 freeway -- reminds me a little of being in a treehouse. Find daydreams and imagination up here, leave obligations and frustration down there. (At least long enough to take in the view and catch a few rays.)


Dixie Jane said...

....and while we are at it, let's wish Mister Earl a Happy Birthday!It seems only yesterday that I was writing a poem in his honor. But today my words have dried up like the rivers and streams of drought-ridden Texas. However, it's still your birthday, Mister Earl, so celebrating is in order. Cheers! Enjoy this special day and we all lift our glasses to you.

Mister Earl said...

Hey, thanks, Dixie Jane. Thanks for remembering!!

Judy Williams said...

I sit on this bench
pondering Mr Earl
he is such a gem
in the world

let's celebrate
and raise our glasses
tell them all
tell the masses

a birthday wish
for Mr E
in his honor
let's all Part-y!!!

Laurie said...

Happy Birthday, Mr. E!

Mister Earl said...

LOL! Four comments, and they're all about me!! Make that five!

Congrats, Judy, on not rhyming glasses with asses!

Green Guy said...

Happy birthday Mister e.

who cares what I think? said...

Mister Earl
The man with the glasses
Points out that the city is run by jackasses!

Happy birthday, sir. Hat tip to you.