Friday, May 15, 2009


The stained glass of Holy Family Catholic Church is magnificent, to be sure. I always slow down and take it in when driving by on a late night milk run. But just look at that velvety sky full of stars!


Judy Williams said...
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Judy Williams said...

I clicked on your link and closed my eyes saying "this is going to be really spectacular" and I WAS RIGHT. I love it when I'm the first commenter of the day. :~)

The light is spilling out like a beautiful waterfall. That tiny star to the left of the tower- wow. Your night shots are the best. You should create a book - seriously.

if there is a god
he'd come to this place
where the light spills
and the windows face out
creating mosaics of color
and vibrant display
from which our hearts
cannot turn away

Yakpate said...

Breathtaking shot.

And isn't it wonderful that human beings take inspiration from the natural world to create works of beauty?

And isn't it awe-inspiring that the love of beauty, and the seeking of it, appear to be inherent human traits?

Laurie, you remain the very best way to start my day.

Dixie Jane said...

And, Judy, your mother is the second commenter. If Kahil Gibran were alive today and had said, "Speak to us of night," he surely would have come to Laurie's blog for inspiration. I agree with Judy's beautiful comments. Don't I have talented daughters? Laurie, your nighttime photos are always awe inspiring.

Anonymous said...

How lovely.

Cafe Pasadena said...

Good shot, LA! Xactly how I wooda taken it.

Wayne said...

A bumper sticker 'I brake for no apparent reason' or one of those yellow diamond signs "photog on board' might be a good idea.

The shot turned out well LA.

WV: calical

Margaret said...

That's a beauty. Nicely done.

Jean Spitzer said...

Looks like music.

Linda Dove said...


Dixie Jane said...

I wasn't the second commenter. Yak beat me to it while I was dilly-dallying. But Yak and I share an awe-inspiring view of Laurie's nighttime photos.

Shanna said...

Judy, did you write the poem??
Wonderful comments!

Really great photo, Laurie. The star and the light spilling out give it a breathtaking and empowering sense of space and movement.

Double "D" said...

Stunning and thought provoking.

Laurie Allee said...

THank you so much, everyone. You are all so nice.

Judy, original poetry? Yippee! I highly encourage all spontaneous verse. (Oleg? I'm talking to you...)

Dixie (Mom!) thanks. I remember reading the Gibran book you gave me when I was barely in junior high.

Wayne, I want one of those signs!

I appreciate all of the kind words. Until tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

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