Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Reflections #1

I realized that I have a lot of shots like this -- kind of moody, abstract reflections. Since Little Bit is still sick with fever, I'm feeling moody and abstract, too.


Judy Williams said...

Maybe that woman is taking a virtual tour. She just visited Japan, Italy and is on her way through Indonesia. She won't get much past there though, because there is a "Road Closed" sign straight ahead of her.

This is really symbolic!!

Anonymous said...

Interesting seeing the writing on the glass contrasted with the reflected "reversed" writing on the signs.

Dixie Jane said...

My thoughts are with the feverish Little Bit and the moody and abstract Laurie. I hope it all passes as fast as the woman walking past the window.

Anonymous said...

Love the lighting and reflections!

Echoing Dixie Jane's sentiments -- I hope everything gets better soon.

- Kelly

Green Guy said...

Reallly hope Little Bit gets better fast.