Tuesday, January 3, 2012

immense sublime

Oh, gaze ye on the firmament! a hundred clouds in motion,
Up-piled in the immense sublime beneath the winds' commotion,
Their unimagined shapes accord:
Under their waves at intervals flame a pale levin through,
As if some giant of the air amid the vapors drew
A sudden elemental sword.

--Victor Hugo


Pasadena Adjacent said...


Eki said...

I like the quote that accompanies the picture (and the picture too). Clouds and skylight are sublime objects indeed.

Judy Williams said...

GOOD LORD!!! I'm particularly fond of how the horizontal vapor trail runs parallel to the power lines. Terrific composition with the trees going in lumpy stair steps from high to low as our eye goes from left to right. WOWZA

altadenahiker said...

Crash, bang! Loved it.

Marian Fortunati said...

Your photos are always inspiring!!!