Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Baseball Blogging

Baseball fans, if you're not reading Sully Baseball -- the witty and informative blog of South Pasadena's own Paul Francis Sullivan -- you're missing out on some of the most thoughtful (and often hilarious) commentary about America's favorite pastime. Sully is an Emmy nominated TV producer, filmmaker, comedian and Red Sox fan whose savant-like knowledge of baseball would be frightening if it weren't so much fun. Not only does he write at length about all things related to baseball, he makes wonderful videos, too. This is one of my favorites.

South Pasadena has always had a fascination with baseball. Thousands of innings of Little League ball have been played across the fields of Lower Arroyo Park alone. But back in 1925, South Pasadena caught World Series fever. Mission Street merchants built an elaborate platform on the Alexander Building at the corner of Mission and Meridian for the sole purpose of announcing the games in real time. Pasadena Star News donated a telegraph operator who relayed the action directly from the ball park. An announcer on the platform gave running play-by-play commentary as a scorekeeper marked a chalkboard. Incidentally, the Pirates beat the Senators 4-3 in that series, making the Pirates the first team to overcome a 3-1 deficit during a Fall Classic. I'll bet Sully didn't know that story.

Then again, I'll bet he did.

Check out Sully Baseball right here.

(I continue with my week of iPhone camera shots. This one was taken with the Retro Camera app, using the Fudge Camera setting.)


Chrissy Brand said...

Love the brightness of the green and blue


Judy Williams said...

Rarely am I laughing at 7 a.m. but that was the case, watching Sully's video. Anyone who can include Yo Gabba Gabba and Cheech and Chong in the same video, gets my vote!!

I really like your retro camera shot. Playing with phone camera apps can be quite addicting (as you well know). hee hee

My oldest is in Chicago this week. Talk about a baseball town! I told him to bring younger brother (and Dad) a souvenir. It wouldn't surprise me if it weren't baseball caps.

Michelle said...

What a great blogger! I need to tell my baseball fan father about this. He'll love it.

Green Guy said...

That video is really funny. Glad to know about this.

who cares what I think? said...

Cool shot of the empty baseball field. Thanks for the great tip on Sully Baseball. Wonderful blog.

Laurie said...

Hi everyone!

Isn't Sully Baseball great? Many of you know that I absolutely love baseball -- even though I don't have a crazy encyclopedia-brain for it. I love the whole sport as a metaphor, as an art form and as a relaxing way to spend an afternoon.

Paul and his family are great people. (Little Bit can't decide which one of his twin boys is her boyfriend.)

Wouldn't you have loved to have been there for the South Pas World Series commentary? Someone emailed me that there is a recording of one of the days. I'd love to get a hold of that.

Anonymous said...

Sully Baseball is a great blog. Thanks for the tip.

ben wideman said...

Laurie, just so you know, I read your blog every day! (even if I don't comment). Thanks for the heads up about this blog, it has been added to my blogroll.