Sunday, April 3, 2011


There's a big movement among those born and raised in the digital age to unplug each day and enjoy REAL things. Like trees.

Naturally, this digital addict couldn't resist capturing them with the iPhone and blogging about them. Aren't they beautiful?

And speaking of unplugged activities, Mister Earl let me know that he found a framed drawing yesterday that looked too nice to have been cast aside. check out his blog if you lost your work!


Judy Williams said...

In four words: I am in heaven!!!

-K- said...

I try to unlpug every Sunday afternoon, including tv, but the flesh is (sometimes) weak.

Steve Scauzillo said...

Great many unplugged things in South Pasadena. A city that honors its trees is doing something right. To trees!

Dixie Jane said...

Can it be the trees that fill the breeze with rare and magic perfume?
Oh, no, it isn't the trees, it's love in bloom
Can it be the spring that seems to bring the stars right into this room?
Oh, no, it isn't the spring, it's love in bloom

Whose theme song was this. Do you know? Are you old enough?

Sometimes I think that being such a romantic is a handicap.

I love the trees!

Dixie Jane said...

Mister Earl: I hope you find the owner of the lost drawing. Indeed, it is too nice to have been cast away.

Mister Earl said...


Love in Bloom was first recorded by Bing Crosby in 1934, but it was Benjamin Kubelsky's theme song. Kubelsky, better known as Jack Benny, played it on his violin.

Dixie Jane: The print is much nicer than the photo shows. I cropped out the frame so the owner can identify it.

Mister Earl said...


Anonymous said...

I would have read this earlier, but I was unplugged.

Kaori said...

I hope you never unplug your iPhone...these trees are gorgeous!