Thursday, March 3, 2011

Calling all Baseball Fans

When Los Angeles Dodgers historian Mark Langhill spoke at the South Pasadena Library a few weeks ago, he brought along a few surprises: three 12X18 historic baseball photos to be auctioned off as a fundraiser for the Friends of South Pasadena Library. I was lucky enough to see these sweet pictures the other day, and as a baseball fan I was prompted to distract head librarian Steve Fjeldsted, grab the pictures and run. Instead, I just grabbed this shot as the photos lay spread out on the library conference room table.

The photos include a beautiful autographed press box shot of Vin Scully, an autographed photo of Duke Snider wearing his classic Brooklyn Dodger uniform and an amazing black and white shot (printed from the original negative!) of Sandy Koufax, John Kennedy and Wes Parker clinching the National League pennant at Dodger Stadium on October 2, 1965. This particular photo is autographed by Parker and former Dodger outfielder Lou Johnson, who would hit the winning home run in the decisive World Series Game 7 at Minnesota, landing the Dodgers a championship. (Go Dodgers!)

The minimum bid for each photo is $75. Bids are currently being accepted by email only and must be received before midnight on March 31, 2011. Just email . Please refer to the photos in your email as: (1) Scully, (2) Snider, and/or (3) Parker & Johnson. Make sure to include your name, daytime phone number, email address, and your bid(s) for one or more photographs. Winning bidders will be notified around April 1, 2011. A Letter of Authenticity will be provided with every photo.

The Friends of South Pasadena Library is a nonprofit support group whose efforts have helped our library to become our town's artistic and cultural center. Funds raised by the Friends pay for library programs, acquisitions, art, furniture and -- of course -- books. (You can read more about the art and activities at the library by checking out my latest column at South Pasadena Patch.)

UPDATE: Thanks to the several readers who emailed me with the sad news that Duke Snider passed away this past Sunday in Escondido. He was 84.


Mister Earl said...

Vin Scully has been broadcasting Dodger games since 1950. That's truly amazing. As a kid in San Francisco, I had a radio that could get KFI in Los Angeles after dark. I would often listen to Dodger games on it because Vin was such a good broadcaster.

Judy Williams said...

I love the idea of the Sandy Koufax one. We have a room with sports memorabilia posters. I'm sure what I could afford will be long surpassed by die hard baseball fans, but it would really be fun to have that one framed and hanging on our wall.

(WV: naterip not to be confused with "let her rip.")

Mister Earl said...

D-O-D-G-E-R-S Song

Green Guy said...

This is cool. I'll pass this along to my baseball fan friends.

ben wideman said...

Very cool. All three look like absolute gems. I wish I had some extra money lying around with nothing to do!

I was fortunate to get Snider's autograph last year. I was sad to learn of his passing last week.

Laurie said...

Hi guys!

Ben, I'm glad you saw this. I thought of you -- especially the one with Snider. Didn't you blog about getting his autograph?

Anyway, it's a great cause, people, and bid away even if you think you'll be outbid. You just never know!

Anonymous said...

Just saw this off Twitter. Great shots for a great cause. I might bid on that Vin Scully.