Friday, August 29, 2008

Good Question


In miracles?
Second chances?
Fairies in the garden?
A free lunch?
An anti-aging cream that actually works?
A giant fish that got away?
The check’s in the mail?
My dog ate my homework?

One can receive philosophical questioning from the strangest sources. This query comes from a boarded-up store window on Fair Oaks, just down from the Masonic Center. Or maybe it is just a figment of my imagination. What would you believe?


Webradio said...

Hello !

Attention : "OUBLIETTES" !

Meead S. said...

There are lots of things to believe :)

Virginia said...

That's great . Where do you find this stuff??? I must live in the most boring place in the world!! Would you believe....honest politicians perhaps? Rats, now I have that dumb song "Would You Believe in Miracles" stuck in my head.

Jutilda said...

some funny or sarcastic things come to mind

The condom broke
I ate the whole thing
I forgot our anniversary
Al Gore really won the election.

Need I go on? I like how it is almost like a cartoon amidst an urban arched window. You do find the coolest stuff.

Dusty Lens said...

free beer tomorrow...

Wayne said...

Would you believe?

People often tell me I look like a young Paul Newman.

I'll be out the rest of the morning. I have to draw up the paper work on some swamp land I'll be offering for sale

Yak Pate said...

I would believe that nothing... not the holocaust, not slavery, not ageism or racism or sexism... can rob us of our capacity to believe.

Columbo said...

Can't we all get along? Infamous quote! Hopefully, we all can be more tolerant and understanding.
Have a great day, Laurie.

USelaine said...

Sorry, I'm only thinking of Agent 86. "Missed it by... that much."

Knoxville Girl said...

Or, channeling Agent Mulder: "I want to believe"
Virginia, I'm singing " I believe for every drop of rain that falls..." Gah! I'll swap ya songs.
Fun photo today, Laurie.

Double "D" said...

Looks like a thought bubble
from Maxwell Smart.

I'm running for President

I'm 12' tall

I'm from Mars.

ken mac said...

that a wacky theme restaurant will open here soon!

Trish said...

that everyone can STILL be hopeful and imaginative?

Would You Believe? used to be a magic shop and costume rental/supply place. It was REALLY cool place to find everything magic and for pretend stuff.

They ALSO sponsored a girls softball team in the waaay back.

Sorry it is gone, but such is life. I do hope that someone else comes along to take their place.

Sharon said...

Great post! I must believe in that anti-aging face cream. I've purchased enough of them and so far, I haven't found the one that works.

Mister Earl said...

Not sure it's gone. The front door still looks like it's going strong. Those windows have been covered up for awhile, but I think the place still lives. We'll find out in October!

Anyway, that's where I bought my Howard Stern hair!

Petrea said...

Pigs fly.

That's all I can think of. That and Maxwell Smart, who was his day's Fonzie (as in "AY"), "Would you believe" was the thing everyone said--got overused in conversation until we were all sick of it.

ken mac said...

thanks for the return..and I agree!

ken mac said...

thanks for the return..and I agree!

life observer said...

I'll believe in all that befour I believe in politicians.

Laurie, you've got, you've got, you've vote. Yeaaaah, you got my vooooooote, my friend. From the foothills, to the sea, through the drivin rain, through drivin in traffic; the demagoguery, the spinners, the pollsters, the celebs, the strategists, the speech writers, the phonies. You got my vote, Laurie.

Just gimme some truth. And, I'm a believer in you!

You got it, infinitely b4 I give it to any of these professional pols.

Laurie said...

Would you believe I can't decide which answer I like best?

Thanks for all the comments, people. Trish and Mister Earl, my South Pas experts, I would love it if this place were still open. I need to go try the door one of these days.

Trish said...

So, just to satisfy *MY* curiosity, I oogled them...yeh, I dropped the "G". no free ads!

Lookey what I found?

would you believe that I don't think it is the same folks running it as waaaay back? More than 30 years is a bit much for one person to handle.

Glad to offer up whatever knowledge I have of the Ostrich Town to those who are newbies.

Dixie Jane said...

I believe. Sure as your great grandmother wore bloomers, that place is boarded up. What else do you need to know? How about another song? Dolly Parton sang it. "I believe for every drop of rain that falls, a flower grows. And I believe that somewhere in the darkest night, a candle glows....." I can't help myself.

Sumi Ko said...

The best is yet to come,
moment by moment..

Trish said...

I think the boards were put up eons ago to prevent people from looking in at the "weird stuff" they had in there. As I recall, they used to have some rather...risque' costumes that the younger set did not need to see. Am sure the SoPas city council had some sort of prohibition against displaying the racier and more "disgusting" costumes in the windows.

It is also akin to the movie theatre building code---you MUST have a certain amount of window area for egress etc. Many movie theatres now put HUGE windows in the front or side of the cinema, then block them out to prevent any sun entering the building---but they meet code, technically.

and, at least one of my great grandmothers never wore bloomers that I heard about. She was strictly a dress or skirt woman, period and thought any shorts, bloomers or pants on a woman was sacrilege!

Someone do a stop by and check it out, would you? ;-)

Isadora said...

Yupp! They achieved their goal - got the imagination working. :)

Laurie said...

Trish, you are so cool to gather all of this info! That does it. I'm going in as soon as I can.

Mom and Sumi-Mom -- so nice to see you here as always! Sending out a cyber hug.

Isadora, I agree. I've been wondering about all kinds of things since I noticed that sign.

Mister Earl said...

Would you believe that Would You Believe is still going strong? Stopped by there today. They're open from 12 to 5, but perhaps not on Sundays or Mondays, but it's still in business, selling Magic and Disguise. I wouldn't Trick you would I?

Hilda said...

Now I'm totally intrigued — get yourself in there and take pics! :D

Your mom blogs too?! How cool is that?

Trish said...

gather info? lol.

Other than doing a web search, I had to scrape the basement of my brain! ;-)

Enjoy your trip!

Laurie said...

I'm so there! Thanks again, guys! And Trish, it's a mighty helpful basement you have there in your brain!