Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Driving (me crazy!)

The good news? I spotted this gorgeous car the other day when I returned library books. The bad news? It reminded me of this terrible song, and now I can't get it out of my head.


Shell Sherree said...

Yikes, I do know that song. I was hoping I wouldn't ~ less chance it would stick! The car is spectacular, though. I doubt I'll see one of those here when I'm returning library books.

Judy Williams said...

Hubby had a Gino Vanellli album when I first met him. Ha ha ha ha

This old Continental reminds me of LBJ. A similar convertible version was what President Kennedy, John Connally and their wives rode in on that fateful day in Daily Plaza. It resides in the LBJ library here on the UT campus.

It also reminds me of "The Old Man," the owner of the pawn shop in Vegas who stars with his son and grandson in the History Channel's show "Pawn Stars." He drives one of these to and from work every day. Yeah, I watch too much tv.

Dixie Jane said...

Laurie, try Stardust. I'm showing my age.....

Mister Earl said...

© Susan Werner 2001

Don't want style
Don't want speed
I want size, size is what I need
I don't need handling or a fancy name
Just want a humongous mother of a frame
I want a leather power seat
Want you to move when I come down the street
I want a big big car

'Cos size is righteous
Size is good
Piece of steel size of Utah for the hood
Gigantic windows
Gigantic doors
Square corners so I win all the wars
Ain't like the Bible
Ain't that a crime
But you know Goliath takes 'em every time
I want a big big car, yeah

So you can keep your stupid SUV
Give me a big old ugly LTD
A Lincoln Town Car
Or a Grand Marquee
And I'm a woman driving destiny around

Because almighty is how it feels
Driving a one-storey building on wheels
I feel passion
I feel romance
I feel like Patton rolling over France
So tell me mister
Tell me what you got
I want the biggest lemon on the lot
I want a big big big big big big car
I want a big big big big (big big) mother of a car (car)
I want a big big big big big big car

Anonymous said...

But the video is a winner.

dbdubya said...

That's a '64 Continental. The Presidential limo was a '62, I believe, but the body style was the same from '62-'64. My dad surprised my mom with one identical to this. Black on black. She hated it so he drove it for several years. A nice riding car that got about 6 miles a gallon. The suicide back doors were cool.

Anonymous said...

Oh man. Gino Vanelli. I haven't thought of that song in twenty years and now I might never get it out of my mind. Thanks, Laurie.

Michelle said...

I love these cars! I didn't click on the link because I remember Gino Vanelli from the 80s and I thought I had escaped!

TheChieftess said...

Thankfully, don't remember the song...but I do remember coveting the old continentals with the suicide doors!!!

ben wideman said...

Even though it isn't a Cadillac, it makes me think of this song...


Maybe that will help you all get it out of your head.

Pasadena Adjacent said...

No way, I'm not reading the comments or turning on that link. It's probably "My Shironah" anyhow. You are cruel