Monday, March 21, 2011

Storm Watching

The parrots chattered more than usual before the storm blew in. As for the weather forecast, winter doesn't want to leave Los Angeles just yet, despite the vernal equinox.


Shanna said...

While I was wondering if the water on our street would spill over the sand bags and flood our yard, Jim called from the San Francisco airport to say that his flight back had been cancelled. Oh, my.

He did finally get somewhere and got a taxi to somewhere and just got home. WHEW! What a day.

wv: woesessi... This seems appropriate.

Kaori said...

It's coming back here in Japan, too. Rainy day. brrr.

San Diego Farmgirl said...

Living among conspiracy theorists
A one-act play by San Diego Farmgirl

Me: "We got caught in the rain walking out of the restaurant, and had a long walk to get to the car. What do you think, should I shower it off? Do you think it's radioactive?"
Baby Daddy: "I don't know ... maybe ... let me look online. Okay, they say it's not dangerous in the air, but it does become concentrated if it falls with rain."
Me: "I think I'm just paranoid, but I swear I'm itching in some places where the drops soaked through my sweater, and on my neck."
Baby Daddy: "Eh ... that's probably just the chemtrails. I'd shower anyway."
So I did.
The End.

Judy Williams said...

Straight out of "The Birds." Almost looks like diagonal sheet music with the birds as the notes. :)

Mister Earl said...

There was either a lightning strike or a transformer blew right near my house yesterday afternoon - big, crackly, bang.

In the last couple days there was a funnel cloud and a water spout in the San Francisco area. The funnel cloud touched down briefly in Santa Rosa, destroying a shed.

Tornadoes are rare in California. More common in Southern California than in the north, but they do occur now and then.

Great story, Heather.

Laurie said...

My, you're all up early-- except for Kaori in Japan. (Good to see you Kaori and so glad you're safe!)

Little Bit has a cough and I'm feeling pretty lousy. I keep remembering a mom who recently said to me, "having a cold is no reason to miss school or work," and I'd like to go breathe all over her right about now. Is it summer yet?

Love the story Farm Girl.

dbdubya said...

We got about 4 feet of fresh powder over the weekend, with snow predicted through next weekend. I hope it's winter's last defiant act.