Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hot Stuff

These pretty flowers showed no sign of wilting in yesterday's record heat wave. And it was no dinky heat wave...

It was mindnumbingly hot.

It was the kind of hot where you can almost feel your molecules and atoms speeding up and turning the whole of your mass into a rowdy mosh pit of subatomic vibration. (Well, it certainly felt that way standing in the parking lot of OSH trying to find the keys to the car.) It was the kind of hot where you suddenly realize the tops of your ears are capable of sweating. Where you can drink a glass of water and wonder why you never noticed before that water is the very best thing that has ever crossed your lips and you simply must have more of it. RIGHT NOW!

My garden thermometer still hovered around 100 degrees at 5:00PM and it was 84 at midnight. The offshore flow pattern is expected to bring more heat today. I understand it's snowing in New York? Just like a teenager ... young Spring is so moody.


Dixie Jane said...

I'm a fool for flowers, and those hot numbers look so lovely while being torched by your heat wave. We in Texas know hot. So hot you think your hair will catch on fire in the midday sun. And I wonder how I grew to maturity where the only place cool was the local theatre. The sign outside said, "It's cool inside." So we bought another candy bar and stayed to see the movie over again.

Mister Earl said...

The wall looks like a waterfall of something molten and organic.

WV: chasto

Virginia said...

100???? Are you kidding me? Well you're right about spring. We declared it officially spring here about 4 times. I thought for sure we were over the hump and darn if it isn't going down in the 30's tonight ( or so they claim). This garden is something. I agree with ME, the wall looks alien!

WV horpl See??? Make something out of that ME!

Judy Williams said...

Amazing heat. We are going to be getting it later this week but we've had what is normally "California weather" for the past 2 weeks. Weird that our atmospheric conditions have changed places. Some flowers just peep up and don't mind - they just look beautiful, no matter what the conditions. Thank goodness for that. I love how these hug the fence and spill over the rocky wall.

Lemonade is good in these days too. :~)


Yakpate said...

I absolutely LOVE this post... it's like the opening in the first chapter of a novel. I think you should just keep writing and let us all see what happens!

altadenahiker said...

Oh, I can't top your 'It's so hot' list. We lost electricity up here from 5 until sometime after midnight. Not even a fan to cool down with.

Fantastic photo! You really caught the heat bouncing off those rocks.

-K- said...

Oh, yes - lots of yummy water on a hot day.

Of course, me and Dr. Emoto are big fans of water:


Margaret said...

Love the "just like a teenager" line. Another lovely shot. Your floral ones are my favorites.

Jean Spitzer said...

Just like a teenager--hard to live with!

Wayne said...

In the span of a week you guys have had too hot and too cold. Give me a shout when it's 'just right'.

It should get to 64º or so here today. That's probably the high for the year so far.

Shanna said...

I agree with Yak. Keep writing!!!!

Mister Earl said...

Wayne: Last week it was very cold, the last two days have been very hot. Tomorrow it's supposed to be 73. Just right!

Laurie said...

Thanks for commenting, everyone!

When I spotted this unusual river rock raised flower bed, I thought it looked just like hot lava. Then again, I was sweltering in the heat and my brain wasn't working normally!

Altadenahiker, you poor thing. My fridge went wonky today but so far the AC is working. (Knock wood.)

Kevin, that is the weirdest/coolest/most poetic link anyone has EVER posted here. You got levels, my friend.

Thanks, Yak.

Margaret, I hesitate posting too many flowers because there are so many floral photos in the world and also because my sister Judy shoots the most AMAZING moody, evocative flowers I've ever seen and I'm wholly intimidated! But thanks so much. Tomorrow's post is for you.

Jean, how right you are! Great line.

Wayne, after a winter full of my taunting you with balmy palm tree images, you can rest assured that this summer when we're sweating buckets you can tell us that it barely broke 75!

Thanks for the great contributions, everyone. Until tomorrow... (a cooler tomorrow!)

Anonymous said...

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