Friday, December 1, 2017

Favorite South Pasadena Shots (5)

As I look toward Glimpses of South Pasadena's 10th anniversary next week, I've been featuring some favorite shots and narrative posts from over the years.

Some of my favorite photos are not my best technical ones.  Street photography is funny that way.  Plus, it's too hard for me to be objective -- and photography is such a subjective art, anyway. What I can say is that this particular photograph is my favorite.  It was taken way back in 2008 with an old FujiFilm point and shoot bridge camera.  (I first posted it here.)

I'll never forget the odd but wonderful feeling I had when, while having coffee and ice cream with my family at Busters, (remember Busters?!) I glanced at the large window and saw my darling little 3 year old Raine's reflection blending with the face of the beautiful, thoughtful young woman behind the glass.
It was like a time slippage, a peek at my little girl's future self, a reminder of how quickly things change and children grow up, a moment of transition so elegantly presented. I grabbed my camera and took a shot right as my daughter moved and the entire vision disappeared. I never expected the image to come out resembling anything close to the experience of the moment. Oh, the joy of happy accidents!

The image is even more special now, as I watch Raine grow into a young woman.  Long-time readers remember her as Little Bit.  She'll be a not-so-little 13 in May, and is every bit as beautiful and thoughtful as I imagined her almost ten years ago when I captured this rather magical moment.

So there you have it... my favorite of Glimpses, represented in two hopeful faces of our future generations.

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