Friday, November 10, 2017

The Rite Aid Mural: Another Great Example of South Pasadena Public Art

Walking into Rite Aid is great.  For the last few years, patrons of the drug store have been greeted with this gorgeous mural painted by Carolee Merrill.

I still remember when the dark walkway felt distinctly more noir:

I admire the colorful, vintage-inspired mural every time I visit the store.  South Pasadena crams a lot of gorgeous public art into a small amount of square footage, including the ongoing SPARC utility box art project.  Nicely done, South Pas.

So what, exactly, does the mural represent with that mouth-watering platter of oranges?  Carolee explained at the 2013 unveiling:

"It depicts the orange crate label art that was popular between 1900 and 1945 when orange groves grew throughout Los Angeles and Orange County."

I love it!

Here's Carolee explaining further:

For more Carolee Merrill's work, click here, and see more from her YouTube channel here.

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