Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Being and Everythingness

File this shot under Lomography, because I caught it when I set the camera to auto, waved it over my head and started snapping.

Sometimes it pays not to think too much.


Judy Williams said...

truly is so wondrous
palms and birds TRA LA!


there once was a girl from S. Pas
whose arm waving worked out alas
with auto cam setting
she's happy, I'm betting
with what she pulled out of her a**

altadenahiker said...

Is there anything left to say? (Except someone, Amy I think, told me all my photos look like lomography.)

Yakpate said...

OK, Judy, you inspired me:

There once was a lass from South Pas
Whose photos were unsurpassed
She got what she shot
Whether aiming or not
Leaving even wild parrots outclassed

Uh... those are parrots, right?

Laurie said...

You guys are cracking me up!

Yakpate said...

LA: And not once did I use the word "underpants!"

Shanna said...

Wow, Judy and Yak.. I'm still laughing!

And as for my contribution...uhmmm...nice minimalist composition, Laurie.

Virginia said...

What the hell is lomography???

I'm leaving the limericks to Mr. Earl. I'm sure he'll curl our hair with one shortly.

Laurie said...

VIrg, click on my lomography link in the post and you can read about it.

Yeah, Earl, we're waiting...

Mister Earl said...

This is really dangerous territory.

dbdubya said...

When I was about 12 my dad started teaching me limericks. I remember some of them to this day. Unfortunately, none of them can be posted. But at the age of 12, I didn't think I could laugh any harder than I did after hearing about the young man from Boston who bought himself an Austin, and a few other classics.

Mister Earl said...

There's no way to top Judy!

Petrea said...

I like this one and I will not write a limerick; Judy's is too good. I would like to hear a limerick by Yak about underpants.

Kim said...

This is just the ultimate in cool. Archetypal SoCal shot. I just love it1