Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Blues

I think my vintage car series has more blue cars than red ones... but who's counting?


Judy Williams said...

That would be a 1969 Dodge Dart. The whole Chrysler/Mopar series was so square and almost industrial looking but it was under the hood that gave them their appeal. Still known for their Hemi engines, muscle enthusiasts who swerved away from the GM's and Fords were true to their Mopars.

We've been watching the Mecum Muscle Car auction in Kissimmee Florida on tv for the past few days so I've gained even more knowledge of my vintage car smarts. Loving old cars as I do, this just makes me smile. I bet this jewel has that old quilt smell inside (like our '69 Camaro has).

Laurie, remember the ol' Duster?

Mister Earl said...

We bought a brand-new '62 light blue Dodge Dart. It was the one that really looked like a Dart as it narrowed into a wedge shape at the front. It had the push-button gear shift, and it was our first with bucket seats.

Brand new
Light Blue
Woo Hoo

Mister Earl said...
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Mister Earl said...

Don't listen to me
It was a '63
But it was light blue
Bought in '62

We didn't know about the Beatles.... yet
And Kennedy was still president

Hilda said...

I don't know which I like better, the vintage car or the beautiful, big trees!

Dixie Jane said...

Butterfly McQueen, "Didn't know nothin' about birthin' babies" and I am in the same fix with vintage cars. But I do enjoy Judy's knowledge of them. (And I have driven a few.)

Virginia said...

How can I compete with Mr. E??? Lord have mercy that blue thang rings my bell.

Kim said...

OMG, my mother in law's old Dodge Dart LIVES!!! She couldn't kill it, even after years and years of commuting from OC to El Segundo in bumpertobumperhelleveryday driving, so she sold it. To know that some little old lady in South Pasadena may be cruising in her old blue bomb is amazing (or maybe some teen!)
Very fun to see.