Friday, October 22, 2010


The door is locked. The curtains are drawn. The entrance hasn't been swept in a while -- you'll find a few outdated pages from the LA Weekly, a scratch-off lotto ticket, a beef jerky wrapper -- and someone scribbled a fairly unimaginative obscenity on one of the black tiles.

But that awning makes me think this place still has some sass. She's not victimized or beaten down. The old girl is still wearing her red lipstick.


Gunn said...

I like your Iphone shots.... Do you use something special to get them the way you do? I think they have a very nice stylish look!:)
When will you publish your book with photos and text??

Dixie Jane said...

Let's hear it for the old girl's red lipstick.

Mister Earl said...
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Mister Earl said...

Is that one of the store fronts adjacent to the Rialto? It's amazing that none of the little cafes that have been attempted next to the Rialto in the last 30 years have had any success at all.

Nice photo.

Judy Williams said...

Such mood. This is a setting for one of your movie set posts!! I smell some stale coffee and maybe an old cigarette butt or two. :)

I like the perspective as we look up at it with a slightly askew angle.

Jean Spitzer said...

I'm with Judy. You've set the stage.

TheChieftess said...

Great shot Laurie!!! And I love "The old girl is still wearing her red lipstick." You definitely have a beautiful way with words and photos...yesterday's post, the Halloween is Coming Part just might want to think about that book idea Gunn brought up!!!

Laurie said...

Thanks, gang!

Gunn, I have been shooting through a monochrome app on tue iPhone that desaturates all but red tones. You can modify how much you want to remove color. It's a blast because photos come out of the camera looking like this. I used to mess around with this kind of editing in a darkroom years ago and I know the wonders of Photoshop but use it sparingly and only for things like color saturation, brightness and sometimes a median filter. My goal is to show things pretty much as they come from the camera but iPhone shots are fun because you can get all kinds of looks with apps. I like the lomo and toybox apps too.

Incidntally, people really should check out Gunn's daily photo blog from Stavinger. Beautiful work.

Mister E, you got it. This place is Ruhr down from the Rialto. Don't get me starts on how much I want Fair oaks revitalized. The bike store is great. Lucia's shoes and Chicks Appliances are great. Koi has the best shop windows. Out of the Closet is amazing. There is sommuch potential, and the beloved Rialto must be saved. Whatever it takes. However weird the lease is and how er compacted the ownership is. We cant let it fall away like so many Los Angeles landmarks.

Getting off soapbox now.

Thanks for the kind words!

ben wideman said...

Totally agree. This is such a cool shop/location