Sunday, September 2, 2012

Craftsman in the Shadows


I think it might be time for another Craftsman Challenge!


Judy Williams said...

I like how it is dwarfed by that big tree in the foreground!!!

Michelle said...


Anonymous said...

Great shot and fascinating how tree dominates.

Suggestion: explain how to comment w/o anon identity. I tried on google account, which I have, but didn't work. And I don't know what the Name/URL thing means and haven't tried.

Also, I starated to comment earlier, but found robot-proofing thing unintelligible. Checked this time, and could make out. (I think.)

ryanpainting said...

I painted this home for the previous owner and the current owner. The red on window (you see sash on the second level in this photo) took about 12 color samples to finally nail down. So, make no mistake, there is no "that craftsman red window-sash color"! I love that they really punched up the red. We ended up matching a flower pot that I believe is still on their front porch.

Pasadena Adjacent said...

You did a good job ryan painting. It takes a dedicated painter and craftsman to do well by an old house like this