Monday, December 8, 2008

Silver Charm

The Metro Gold Line trains aren't gold. Actually, most of them are white. But ever so often this classic silver one rolls into the station, which makes my little daughter squeal with delight and say, "Look! It's that special train!" We decided that if finding a copper penny is considered a good omen, then spotting a silver train must be really lucky...


Yakpate said...

What a rarity... a white sky in south Pas!

Such intriguing angles in this shot... the parallel lines of the train, the striped gates and the crosswalk markers, offset by the perpendicular yellow-orange lane markers... and my favorite element... the glowing yellow eye of the signal light!

Through your eyes, the everyday assumes fantastic proportions.

Mister Earl said...

I agree with Yak, the lines on this are great, and the way the dark spaces in the crosswalk echo the window in the train. Amazing. Also, the color of the sky echoing the street.

The trains: A co-rider who works for Metro told me the white trains are from Japan, the silver trains are from Italy. The white trains are having some maintenance issues, so they silver trains are being brought in. I love the silver trains' look because it's very European and very retro. It took a long while before I got to ride one because there were only a few and they usually went the opposite direction from where I was going.

Now that they're more in use, however, I have to say that the silver trains are not as good as the white trains from the point of view of a rider. The seating configuration on the silver trains is such that the seats are more scrunched together, so that although the silver and white trains may have the same actual number of seats, the silver trains are less comfortable to ride, and more seats are wasted. (I can explain this in more detail if anyone is interested. ;-)) Also, the air conditioner on the silver trains is really loud.

Like so many things in life, when it comes to the trains, beauty's only skin deep, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Tanya said...

There's something special about a train. I love that we have one that goes right through the back of our property everyday! Everytime I see it, I yell to the kids "the train!"...funny they don't get as excited as I do still :D
Love the photo!

San Diego Farmgirl said...

Laurie, if you ever get the chance, you should take your girl on a ride into the downtown station approaching from the south. (I've arrived via this route taking the Surfliner and Metrolink coming from Oceanside - don't think the light rail trains follow this route though) They have all the old retro trains lined up in the maintenance yard, and she could see them all. Plus, the approach also features an area where ocean containers are loaded onto train cars, a process that always fascinates me.

And, upon final approach to the station, you get an up-close view of the world's largest jail, the LA County twin towers. USA! USA! USA! :)

Keith said...

I was wondering what prompted them to use the silver trains on occasion. Thanks Mister Earl. They do look like something from out of the past.

Double "D" said...

There is an exciting abstract feel to
this subject. By cropping there are
a number of abstract compositions.
Like one of you visitors, the yellow
eye is a strong focal point.
I've been through your most recent photo'sj
and I see I've missed a lot. The night
shots are great. I'll try to visit more often.

Anonymous said...

I love the new design. Very trailer camp.

JT said...

One of my favorite intersections in South Pas. It's on par with Sierra Madre Blvd and Baldwin. I too saw the silver Metro running today. I was tempted to take it somewhere just to see the interior of the car. Good shot!

Virginia said...

Wait is our Wayne on that one???? Nice shot with lots of lines and stuff to look at.. Good job L.

Laurie said...

Hi everyone,

Mister Earl to the rescue again! What would I do without your fabulous information?! I wondered about the silver vs. white trains. You'll forgive me if I wish for more silver ones -- despite their less comfy interior. I just love the vintage look of them.

Yak, I love the way your mind works and the way everything you write reads like a poem.

Tanya, I am a big kid about trains, too. When I moved to South Pas I was so excited to be near a train! (I'm still excited!)

Farmgirl, that sounds like so much fun. Wanna come with us?

Good to see you Keith! And you too, Double D!

PA, it's kind of an airstream version, isn't it?

JT, you remind me that I really need to explore more of Sierra Madre.

V, Wayne posted about trains today too!

Thanks for being here, folks. Until tomorrow...

Wayne said...

Cue the theme from The Twilight Zone.