Monday, September 10, 2012

Imagining the Rialto...

Wouldn't it be great if this were available right around the corner?

Yesterday I took my family to see a special screening of Secret of the Wings at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood. Secret of the Wings is the latest in Disney's Fairies franchise, and I can't imagine a more magical setting for a screening than the majestic El Capitan.

Unless, of course, it could be at our very own Rialto Theatre.

Naysayers love to insist that glamorous old movie palaces aren't practical, that people would rather stay at home and watch their Blue Rays than go sit in a theater, especially an old theater.

Well, the sold-out show at El Capitan yesterday is just one example of how wrong those naysayers can be. (I've covered many other success stories of renovated movie palaces in my Rialto series on Patch right here and here.)

When the curtain rose yesterday, illuminated by dozens of glimmering lights every bit as whimsical as fairy dust, Little Bit said, "This place is more special than any other building in the world! Will we ever have a theater like this at home?"

I don't know. I hope so.

Share my dream of a reborn Rialto? Join Friends of the Rialto here.


Judy Williams said...

Oh yes!! I agree. Our Paramount (saved by benefactors years ago) have live events (I saw the Fantastiks and Tony Bennett there and was blown away) and movies.I remember seeing Mary Poppins there! People flock to them. Sure beats those big box theaters with tube lighting and no hint of character or carvings like the old restored ones.

Green Guy said...

I've never been to El Capitan. Heard it was amazing, though.

Cool shot, LA.

Escott O. Norton - Friends of the Rialto said...

Amen! The El Capitan is an amazing place, and proof that the environment DOES enhance the movie-going experience!
The historic Rialto Theatre with restored seats, proper heating and AC, a state of the art sound and projection system and fresh popcorn will be a much more special experience that sitting in your living-room with a DVD on a TV screen!
If we can get the Wurlitzer Organ reinstalled then we could do everything the El Capitan can do: live music, a little song and dance show, short films, features, the works! And all within walking distance of a supportive family community!

Gretchen said...

Keep this in the public eye!

Auntie S said...

Wow, what a wonderful image and fabulous colors. Lucky you.

Cafe Pasadena said...

Although I have photos of some of the LA area vintage theatres, such as El Capitan - despite not much of a TV/Theater viewer - ironically next to none of the Rialto. One yr or so I'll post them.

PS: Is that your head in the way of my view in the foto above??

Michelle said...

Oh, how I want the Rislto reopened. It's even prettier than El Cap.