Tuesday, March 13, 2012

No. No entry.

No entry here.
Don't come in.
Go away.
Go back
south with your umbrella,
go back
north with your serpent's teeth.
A poet lives here.
No sadness may
cross this threshold.
Through these windows
comes the breath of the world,
fresh red roses,
flags embroidered with
the victories of the people.
No entry.

--Pablo Neruda

(Okay, so without the high contrast black and white this house isn't really noir, and it definitely doesn't have this much of a goth vibe but hey, it's been one of those weeks for me. And it's only Tuesday.)


hugO said...

... and it's perfect. Beautiful.

Judy Williams said...

Oh you know how much I love Neruda. I can certainly feel those sentiments too. Unfortunately if I open my windows, it's humid and gives me a sinus headache. :(

Anonymous said...

Yes. I'm having one of those weeks too. Parent teacher conferences always make me feel like hiding out.

Trish said...

I have to laugh...

A friend of mine lived here in the early 80's. It was a lovely house then. Haven't been inside since then, so I can't speak for it now.

I laugh because it was open and beautiful then. About as far from goth as I can think. Well, ok, there was a lot of wood paneling.

Thanks for the memories!

Michelle said...

Laurie, do you need a day off or what?

Actually, I really love this post.

Laurie said...

THanks, gang.

I was having a bad day. :-)

Trish, the house is still lovely. But those leafless trees are just too Hitchcockian not to go dark.

Laurie said...

ANon, had to laugh about parent teacher conferences making you go into hiding.

TheChieftess said...

I love the Goth makeover!!!

Laurie said...

Chieftess, speaking of Goth makeovers, you should have seen my blood red lipstick, black nails and velvet goth choker I wore to a Cure show back in 1990... ;-)