Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ticket Booth in Limbo

I often take odd, abstract photos of the Rialto. The theater cries out for someone grieve its decay and imagine its rebirth. It has been reduced to a moldering collection of walls and doors and objects, not the thriving city arts, film and music center it could be.

It really could be!

But, until then, it sits. Very still. Perfect to find little pieces of it to fill my viewfinder.


Judy Williams said...

Maybe voices of the past are speaking through to your reflection in the glass. This is very symbolic. :)

altadenahiker said...

This was the greatest place, and you could almost always count on a film worth seeing. Often with subtitles. South Pas is strange -- engaged in some ways, and yet willing to let a treasure like this dissolve.

dbdubya said...

It's not that simple, Patrea. No one wants it to dissolve. It's owned by a family trust with at least 15 owners. It has a long term lease with Landmark. The owners don't want to sell and Landmark doesn't want out of the lease. The City doesn't own it. It would be wonderful to renovate and develop into a performing arts theater like the Alex in Glendale. But, there is not a single example in the country where this has been done without a substantial subisdy. Glendale, a city of over 200,000 that's in much better financial shape than So Pas puts a couple hundred thousand of general fund dollars a year to keep it afloat. They can afford that. So Pas can't. It would be nice for a non-profit to be established to support it, but no one's stepped up. It's a daunting task. So, in the meantime in continues to detiorate and sooner or later will be condemned or burn.

Mister Earl said...

There are some good ideas out there about how to save the Rialto, but it's going to take a city council with leadership and vision. Right now, only Richard Schneider has the qualities it will take. This town is too good to let it rot away because of bad leadership. Keep your eyes open. I think some good ideas are coming.

WV: ausholo. I rest my case!

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