Friday, July 30, 2010

Serenade in Green

I couldn't make out exactly what he was playing, but it was something kind of like this.


Judy Williams said...

I was thinking of more an anti-war song, as a peaceful young man contemplates his future and wonders his reason for existence. Of course this is what I have visually as I wasn't able to hear his lovely tune.

This feels very early 70's to me for some reason. His short hair could be that he's recently returned from a tour of duty.

WOW - the power of imagery!

Mister Earl said...

He might be singing Mother Nature's Son.

If you didn't see Paul McCartney at the White House on PBS the other night, you should see it next time it's shown.

Leslie Saeta said...

What a stunning photo. I love it but I can't place where it was taken. The high school maybe? Arroyo?


Really a sweet and comforting view here in South Pasadena. Thanks for posting this. It reminded me of this:

Thanks again!

Laurie said...

Actually, he really was playing a Bream-ish classical piece. COol, huh?

Welcome, =!

Laurie said...

Oh, and Leslie, it was along Arroyo Drive. Sunsets there always bring out contemplative people... (myself included!)

Dixie Jane said...

Let the celebration get started
And the banners all unfurl
Tomorrow is a day to remember
It's the birthday of Mister Earl.

Dixie Jane would not find a new beau
She's just not that sort of a girl
But she would fly the miles it would take
For a dance with Mister Earl.

It's memories you'll make
With champagne and cake
As we give the dance floor a twirl
Happy Birthday, dear friend, and many, many more
To the man we call Mister Earl.

Mister Earl said...

Wow, Dixie Jane! That's wonderful! I can't imagine I'll get anything better than this poem. Thanks so much!

Virginia said...

Classical? How wonderful. You find the neatest things L.