Saturday, May 15, 2010

Festive View

These charming old windows on Mission will have a pretty good view of this weekend's South Pasadena Fun Fair! Each year the school fundraiser turns downtown South Pas into a carnival of rides, games and about umpteen skillion confetti eggs hurled at random by rampaging elementary school students. (One fourth grade kid last year had a pitch worthy of notice by a major league scout. If I see him again this year... look out.)

You can see my pictures of last year's Fun Fair here.


Dixie Jane said...

It seems like the whole city of South Pasadena is colorful, even the windows. Watch out for those confetti eggs. SPLAT!

Judy Williams said...

the angle almost creates stair steps with the buildings.

Stairway to Heaven perhaps?

Mister Earl said...

Just back from the Fun Fair. Had some carne asada... hold the rice, hold the beans, hold the tortillas, hold the chips!

Saw Minor Trouble, a rock band of mostly 10-year-olds. I'd seen them playing in front of a house near Trader Joe's the other day. Today they played on a stage with a drummer and bass player. Great harmonies and great playing... if a little too loud for my taste.

Anonymous said...

Thats a nice view of those windows. I like the shot of the ride from last year, too!

Laurie said...

Hey gang,

Mom, remember when I made confetti eggs in the 6th grade and beaned you with one of them? Well, karma is a b*tch.

Nice choice, Jude!

Thanks, Anon!

Mister E, I think I saw those kids today on one of the rides. Jon recognized them. I really want to hear them because it seems like everyone is talking about them -- especially those who see them on their front porch.

Thanks for commenting, y'all. Until tomorrow...