Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Caption this photo... (#2)


How about this:

As the financial crisis continues to impact 401K investments, individuals eye alternative retirement options.

Anyone else care to come up with a caption?


Shanna said...

Forget the latest news. Sit back and watch the FREE wonder of the sky, the light, the sound of the birds and the crickets who carry on and on. Pet your cat. And wait for Laurie's next blog. Every moment is unique. And we are unique in the moment.

Mister Earl said...

Quite a contrast to that famous painting - not sure the artist - where one of those chairs is by a pool looking out over perhaps the Mediteranean Sea.

OK, here's my caption: "Help Wanted. Homeless person needed to sit in chair seeking contributions. Some light gardening."

Snapper said...

I'm not familiar with the famous painting mentioned in mister earl's comment but i love the ambiguity of this photo.

Caption: Long Gone

Yakpate said...

"Now that I'm too poor to buy groceries, I feel like I'm fading away."

Wayne said...

What do you mean, 'you threw it out'!? I was just getting that chair broken in.

Dixie Jane said...

Shanna's comment is lovely and so soothing for these times. Mister Earl had a good caption too. Also fitting for today's trying times. Good one, Snapper and Wayne and yakpate. Such a clever audience you have, Laurie. Isn't it good that we have the support of each other? I'll just say that the first thing I thought of (and not nearly as poetic) was from the lyricist, Billy William's old song, "I'm gonna sit right down and write myself a letter." said...

Not a problem, never had a 401k to began with. I do have a chair just like that one though. Care to hazard a guess as to where I acquired it?

altadenahiker said...

I can't beat Mr. Earl's, but how about:

For rent. Open floor plan, vaulted ceiling, skylights, solar heating. (Hurry, won't last. PA is in the neighborhood)

Eki Akhwan said...

I like the relaxed and carefree mood of this picture, Laurie. So,
what about, sit back and relax ... There'll be better days ahead ... :D

To answer your question:
The crisis affects us a bit in Indonesia. But people are generally optimistic about the future. As for me, I prefer to shut off the news, keep on working and believing the there will be better days ahead. No bad days last forever ... :D

Burd said...

omg these captions are fantastic! i love yours, as well as mister earls and altadenahiker's, but all are really great.
i can't think of anything!!
except maybe: "With a good night's sleep seemingly months away, Sth P residents have oddly resorted to bartering away all furniture pieces used for rest. Head down to Crises 'R Us for a killer deal on used hammocks."

Cafe Observer said...

This must be Zen Wednesday.
Gotta chew on this 4 minute.

Trish said...

I'm keeping AHEAD of the grass and just in time with the sun!


At last, Jack had reached the end of the internet, where the sun barely shines and the grass doesn't grow.

And finally

to paraphrase Shel Silverstein
"Where The Grass Ends"

Miss Havisham said...

And although you said you'd go
Until you did
I never thought you would

- Don McClean

Mister Earl said...

Can anyone help me identify the painting I'm thinking of? It's a light blue pool looking out over the ocean, and one of those wooden chairs is next to the pool or in front of the pool. You can't google something like this because you get everything but a painting. Doesn't look like has a search engine.

Altatenda Hiker - Your comments always send me to another dimension.

Burd - I look at your photos every day and love them. Your seagull with the bridge in the background is my screensaver.

Laurie - You make South Pasadena more exciting every day.

Speaking of "Better Days," there's a great song by the Kinks by that name. Dar Williams does an excellent version. I'd put the lyrics here but don't want to take up too much space.

JT said...

Sit down, close your eyes and enjoy. It's not all about the 401k.

chairs like this beg to be sat in.

altadenahiker said...

Mr Earl, I know that painting. Unoccupied chair, on sand, facing the ocean, light blues, feeling of seamist. Maybe there's a white beach towel? It's making me crazy. I thought Hockney, but no.

Shanna said...

Oops! I just made the mistake of looking at the news. How about "Maybe I could exchange this easy chair for a fainting couch at the Swap Meet."

Mister Earl said...

If you go to and search for the art of Lin Seslar, you will see a lot of paintings with the blue sea and those types of chairs. These are kind of what I was thinking of, but not the one with the pool that I have in mind.

Altadena Hiker - I was also thinking Hockney or Hopper, but no. Seslar seems the closest, and maybe what you were thinking of. But the one with the pool is driving me nuts. Nuts in South Pasadena. Imagine that.

Mister Earl said...

OK, I was kind of going for the feel of something like:

"A Deck Chair Offers Pools..." by Michael Lewis

"Beach Chair, Bora Bora Nui Resort" by Walter Bibikow

To contrast with Laurie's shot.

ken mac said...

The chair looks like a chair, but the shadow looks like a body...Where's Laurie?

-K- said...

"Reserved for John McCain. January 2009"

(Hope you don't mind a little political commentary.)

Laurie said...

Hey there everyone,

I knew I could count on you to play along! These are great -- witty, political and some just plain silly. I love it. (And new art for me to look at, too!)

Thanks for a great day's comments, my fine friends.

Dixie Jane said...

Mister Earl, I must have seen the painting you described yesterday. It was adjacent to my dentist's chair and was supposed to calm me as I watched my blood pressure rise. The chair had a blue chiffon scart hanging over it and blowing in the wind. A lovely calming picture but even imagining myself there didn't calm the fact that I was in the dentist's chair. Why do they do this to innocent patients? Like waiting to sky dive in an open door of an airplane .....they take your blood pressure. But I do love the picture.

Mister Earl said...

Dixie Jane (Mom): Yes, that painting is everywhere, but you can't find it when you're looking for it!

Mister Earl said...
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Judy said...

of course, everything makes me think of a song....

a chair is still a chair
even when there's no one sitting there
but a chair is not a house
and a house is not a home
when there's no one there
to hold you tight
and no one there
you can kiss goodnight

What came over me? Oh well.. that's what it made me think of. The composition is excellent with an empty feeling magnified with the use of negative space to the left of the chair. I love minimalism.

Judy said...

WOW - the comments are stellar. I love both of Shanna's and Burd's. What a fun group you've gathered with your wonderful images, Laurie.

Olivier said...

une longue-chaise qui donne envie de faire une pause et oublier les ennuis de la sphère des bourses

a long-chair who want to take a break and forget the troubles of the sphere scholarships

Bergson said...

A photo for my sunday no ?