Sunday, October 29, 2017

Enchanted City... South Pasadena Halloween Views

I hope my South Pasadena friends and neighbors have stocked up for the Halloween trick or treat onslaught!  This is one of my favorite video compilations from several years ago.  

I get nostalgic around Halloween.  

More than any other holiday, Halloween reminds me of life's brevity.  How quickly kids grow up: last year's fairy costume doesn't fit, someone's too old to dress up like a pirate, this year the neighbor's giant blow-up monster no longer seems menacing...

You want to know what's really terrifying about Halloween?  It marks the cruel, unyielding passage of time!  It represents our children eventually leaving us!  It reminds us of our march toward inevitable obsolescence and death!

Perhaps I overstate.  

I do love this time of year, though -- despite my annual Poe-worthy existential crisis.  I love the jack-o-lanterns, the silly decorations, the excuse to dress up as whoever you wish you could be.  And I seem to be in great company, too, because South Pasadena celebrates Halloween with unapologetic glee. ( Just ask anyone on El Centro how many trick-or-treaters they get every year.)

Take a look at my video above to see photos of some of my favorite Halloween moments in South Pasadena over the last 8 years.  If you feel melancholy about when your kids used to like to trick or treat, don't say I didn't warn you!  Just have a mini Snickers bar.  You'll feel better.

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