Monday, August 15, 2011

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

I've got nothing here today, folks. But feel free to run over to Patch after lunch for my latest column and slideshow.


Majid Ali said...

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Mister Earl said...

I'd recognize that shadow anywhere!

Me and My Shadow

(This was a theme song for my grandmother's cousin, Ted Lewis.)

Judy Williams said...

What's with all of the blog trolls? I hesitate to put much credence in the "click on the link once" from the above mentioned blog.

In this case "Only the Shadow Knows."

dbdubya said...

I suspect Majid Ali may be the latest version of the Nigerian scam. You know, the unsolicited e-mail from someone who has inherited $10,000,000 who wants to share it with you if you'll simply handle the transfer of funds into a US bank.

Two days in a row - Anononymous's rant yesterday and Mr. Ali today. What's happening Laurie? There's some bad juju in the blogosphere.

altadenahiker said...

You stole my boyfriend; Majid was chatting me up just last week. Well fine, there are other fish in the sea.

Shanna said...

Ditto, DB.

Green Guy said...

That guy yesterday was just an old fart. Who would insult Laurie? Lucky for us THAT old South Pas type is rare.

Green Guy said...

By the way, where is your column, Laurie?

Shanna said...

Right, Green Guy. That type is the basic Kill-Joy. Now, let's get back to Donald O'Connor...

Mister Earl said...

I hope no one followed Majid Ali's request. Probably he's hacking into your computer.

Laurie said...

Thanks, everyone.

Green Guy, the column posted late today. It's there now!