Saturday, June 6, 2009

In a Weather Vein...

With all the recent gray skies, here's a reminder of what Southern California usually looks like. It rained yesterday. June Gloom had a full-on hissy fit -- dropping temperatures, drenching streets and generating a lot of "what's with the weird weather" conversations around town. (I laughed when a woman in line at Fair Oaks Pharmacy said, "I don't need this. My boyfriend is unpredictable enough.")


Virginia said...

So you have hissy fits in So Pas too?ha. My grandson has one every afternoon as we get off the Metro for the walk home. Very predictable! HA

Steffe said...

Tell me about it. It has been raining in Stockholm for the last week. I'm guessing the temperature is around 10 C at the moment. Great photo of the palm trees btw.

Dixie Jane said...

If having a hissy fit can produce a view like this, I'm going to have one. Where do I start?

Judy Williams said...

I love what the woman at the pharmacy said.

Yes, this is quintessential California. I've been keeping track of the weather so I know what to bring to wear.

11 palms. I wonder if that means something? :)

eleven palms
stood together
didn't care
about the weather

some were short
and others tall
rain or shine
they stood it all

sometimes clouds
softened the sky
other times
just birds flew by

but 'neath it all
as sentinels
their steadfastness
says all is well

Hilda said...

Gorgeous! I hope your skies clear soon.

That lady's comment was hilarious!

Mister Earl said...

I wonder what melody those palms are spelling out? Do you know the key?

Yesterday was weird. I dropped my car off at the tire place at El Molino and Green Street and walked to the Gold Line at Lake and the 210. It was not raining although there were dark clouds in the distance. When the Gold Line arrived in South Pas, it was raining there, and it rained all the way Downtown, so I got a bit wet walking from the Gold Line to the office. But it stopped raining by mid-morning, and luckily it didn't rain when I had to walk back from Lake Street station to the tire place.

Sharon said...

Beautiful sky. I love it when there are puffy white clouds around. We had a gray day yesterday too, but sadly, no rain. We are going to have a beautiful weekend with temperatures in the low 90's. That's "outdoor" weather for us.

Jean Spitzer said...

More great "overheard in South Pasadena." I love the way we get so outraged about rain.

Margaret said...

Love the picture, love the rain.

altadenahiker said...

You know I don't like to complain, BUT

Just about to go for a hike, and now the clouds are dark and full over the mountain. I never hike in the rain if I can avoid it. Thanks for the reminder of what sunny skies look like.

WV: Bedst. You're the bedst.

Cafe Pasadena said...

No, NO, Nope! This is NOT what the weather "usually" looks like here in So Cal. Not, No, No Way!
For those of you outside looking in, wanting to maybe move here - don't believe LA. Too often she's blogging while multitasking. That picture is the exception. Usually the climate here is worse than even Texas.

If you only knew how many living here now would die to be able to move out of this area for better weather. For example, there are countless numbers of Illinoisers & Texans who wood love to move back to their parents home states! Therefore, you people, wherever u are, are so lucky. So, please - Stay Put, Stay Where You Are, Don't Make a Move and you'll be OK!

Remember there's a reason why we call it May Gray, June Gloom, July Die, January Scary, etc. Just read the scary comment the ADHiker tryped in above for further proof.

Double "D" said...

Here in Michigan, people would be
dancing in the streets to have blue
skies like these.

"Blue skies shining on me, nothing but
blue skies do I see."

Babooshka said...

I thought I had the monopoly on hissy fits! I'd never loose my temper under this glorious scene thoguh.

Shawna said...

Haha! That is quite a funny quote. We've been having some really funky weather up here in NorCal as well! :(

Shawna's Study Abroad

Jilly said...

Fabulous photograph, Laurie. I love the quote. I'm going to remember that and change the word boyfriend to one of the dogs.

Laurie said...

Hey all,

Welcome Shawna!

Cafe, you're absolutely right. What was I thinking?

Thanks for all of the lovely comments again today. Til tomorrow...

Mike said...

Hello from New York! I love the sunny skies. I remember seeing those tall trees when I have seen California.

Anonymous said...

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