Thursday, June 28, 2012

Tucked Away in the Big City

South Pasadena's small town oasis makes it easy to lose track of the fact we're located smack dab in the middle of Los Angeles' urban jungle. (Well, okay, not in the middle exactly. More like up around the northeast end.) Just minutes from downtown LA, South Pasadena conceivably could have been where J.J. Gittes could have settled down to "forget Chinatown."


hugO said...

... Love! You've definitely been one of my photo and blog teachers :)

Michelle said...

Me too, Laurie! (I love it when you go over the South Pas borders. I would love a Glimpses of Los Angeles.)

Very cool noir in daylight shot today. Hanging out on overpasses?

San Diego Farmgirl said...


I used to admire his work as the Pacific Surfliner pulled up to Union Station along the LA River. Frankly, I prefer graffiti to those ugly white blobs, and it would certainly better illustrate your urban jungle theme.

Green Guy said...

Very nice.