Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Caption This Photo (#90)



Mister Earl said...


SPPD drove by before he could add the SS.

Pasadena Adjacent said...

Score one for Earl

Me and Mr V once came upon a guy who was with his wife and kid, carving his tag into a tree at Monrovia Canyon park.

Do you say something and humiliate the man in front of his son? We were at a loss in how to respond. Don't take us as cowards. We've interjected ourselves into plenty of unsavory situations for what we thought was "right" But this one threw us.

any suggestions?

Green Guy said...

That's a tough call Pasadena Adj. I think I would have been stumped too.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Jeckle's lesser known graffiti artist brother?

Michelle said...

Earl is not QUITE right. The artist was Paying tribute to his wife's freckles but, sadly is dyslexia coupled with sPPD patrol officer kept him from finishing his work.

Pasadena Adjacent that is quite a story!