Thursday, August 4, 2011

a time of pause

And it is summer, glorious, deep-toned summer,
The very crown of nature's changing year
When all her surging life is at its full.
To me alone it is a time of pause,
A void and silent space between two worlds,
When inspiration lags, and feeling sleeps,
Gathering strength for efforts yet to come.

--Amy Lowell


Shanna said...

A time to get into the studio...before the onslaught of...birthdays and holiday celebrations...I hope it to be a time of Inspiration.

Judy Williams said...

I feel as if I should stand and salute. The hint of soft focus really adds a nostalgic sense. I'm not familiar with Amy Lowell's poem. Really lovely.

altadenahiker said...

Very nice.

Wayne said...

That's a fine composition LA.

Green Guy said...


Laurie said...

Thank you, everyone.