Monday, June 29, 2009

Lunar Module?

No, aliens have not landed in South Pas -- although these marvelous old Airstream trailers have always reminded me of props out of a 1950s Twilight Zone episode. And just look at how this one shimmers in the evening light...

On second thought, maybe aliens have landed. Leave rational explanations for the rest of the year. It's officially summertime now.


Dixie Jane said...

Having spent three nights in a trailor once (actually it was a Winnebago-like vehicle--feet almost touching the steering wheel and head near the sink. I made the mistake of taking a bath in a small tub which I thought I would never get out of).I feel the shimmering light houses folks crowded and cramped and living their lives in quiet desperation. I hope I am wrong.

Judy Williams said...

Remember how much Uncle Bill loved his Airstream?

I feel in the glowing gold and blue, that it is just going to rise up and fly away. I like the square yellow windows behind and to the left. Great composition. You seriously need to make a coffee table book of just your night shots.

silver box
carry me away
to another universe
or perhaps
to another time

when dreams come true
and boys drag sticks
and girls play hopscotch
while puppies tag behind

blue and amber
complimentary colors
a compliment
to the simpler life
of another time

nostalgia creeps
from beneath its metal sides
gathering me in a cloud
of memories
from my youth

Jean Spitzer said...

Beautiful blues and oranges.

Virginia said...

Yep, a coffee table book is in order. THis is gorgeous. I had to study it for a minute but I looovvee that orange glow down the side. And Uncle Bill had an Airstream huh? I knew it!HA

altadenahiker said...

Love those blues and the lights in the window.

WV: Inter. I'd like to inter that airstream and look around.

Judy Williams said...

Virginia - yes, Uncle Bill and Aunt Betty Jo drove from Calif. to Texas one summer and it was parked out in front of our house and theirs was the BIG top of the line one. Not sure if I'd want to do that. Maybe a Winnebego, but roughing it to me is a Motel Six. HAHAHA

Margaret said...

Ohhhh! Very cool.

Ken Mac said...

looks like a halloween head!

Laurie said...

THanks, everyone! Til tomorrow...

Shanna said...

Judy: It is late in the game, but I want you to know how very much I like your poem!

I didn't know Uncle Bill and Aunt Betty Jo had an Airstream...
I had some friends in the mid eighties who had one - all totally refinished. She wore only vintage clothes. This was when we taught at Otis. Anyway, the Airstream was enviable!

Kim said...

That is one GORGEOUS capture Ms. Laurie! I really love it. Up here people put these in their backyards and use them for studio space or extra guest quarters, if not in use as a travel trailer. I like the proportions of this one. So well seen.

Anonymous said...

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