Sunday, January 4, 2009


With all the unrest in the world today, I rejoice in presenting a simple shot of a lazy winter sky at dusk, a telephone wire, a row of dark and silent little houses, silhouettes of a few big and fluffy trees, and the unmistakable optimism of white picket fences...

Things are quiet around here -- the last of the Rose Bowl visitors have packed up and headed to the airport. Traffic on Fair Oaks is getting back to normal. Christmas trees are being taken down, leaving behind those tragic trails of dried needles. Sweaters are being returned. Resolutions are being written. Tomorrow, the new year officially kicks in.

Where's that plate of cookies? I'm wringing every last festive drop out of the holiday season.


Jutilda said...

I love the lines of this shot. The crisscross of the vapor trail and the telephone wire, as well as the hint of the eaves and outline of the window of the house. The fronds of the palm dance up and outward like a fountain in a piazza somewhere. I like the cool color palette of pale blue and soft purple gray. It does have a lazy peaceful feel doesn't it?

I start the low carb diet on Monday after eating Jeremy's birthday cake today. :~)

Virginia said...

I'm with ya. Gotta get a grip myself.

Laurie, Jutilda always manages to sum up what I am too inept to say. I love coming after her so i can say "DITTO!" !

Virginia said...

Oh Jutilda,
Did you eat ALL of the cake????

Dusty Lens said...

Simple and elegant. Sadly, all our Christmas cookies are gone as well.

Dixie Jane said...

Contrails crisscrossed with a wire caught my immediate attention. Those vapor trails remind me of how much I don't like to fly. But I love your silhouetted picture. It's like the silhouette is all that remains of a brilliant Christmas. Along with one stale cookie.

-K- said...

I wish there were a few more festive drops...oh well, it was nice while it lasted. Time to start looking forward to what's coming.

altadenahiker said...

Atta girl, Laurie. You take those cookies. I'm going to wring this day for all it's worth.

Yakpate said...

OMG... What Jutilda said! I LOVE that portentous "X" in the sky!

I will bake you a big plate of flourless cookies... unless another reader knows of a non-wheat flour I can substitute in a regular recipe.

I didn't know that we get to celebrate New Year again on Monday... Hooray!!!

Stéphane Kardos said...

Happy New Year Laurie. All the very best for 2009!

Petrea said...

I could use a cookie.

Shanna said...

Beautifully said, Jutilda! I can't add a thing.

Tell Jeremy "Happy Birthday" for me.

babooshka said...

Like Petrea's image today it's the rose tinted world against the words that is pitched just right. I am one of those people who eats and stays the same shape So I always have too many doughnuts on the go. Our tree goes down later today. Always a sad day.

Cafe Observer said...

With all the unrest in the world today!

Hohoho! Now there's a line that's been said yesterday, as well as today, and tomorrow, and 4ever in this current world. De more things change...Some changes will remain unchanged.

LA, I pray your rite bout The Visitors having now done the right thing & left!

Holidays aren't over, LA. U got MLk's, then Valentimes, Prezidents Day - so many, they're meaningless.

1 new yr resolution: get more sleep & less work.
That's a very interesting pic you caught.

Laurie said...

Hi folks,

Well, here I thought I had simply captured an uneventful moment before diving back into the hectic hustle and bustle of a new year... and my email box explodes! Apparantly, as several have now pointed out to me, I might have inadvertantly captured proof of a chemtrail. Hey, I loved The X Files! Thanks, conspiracy watchers, for filling me in on something I hadn't heard of before. Where are my JPL readers when I need them to give me the low down?!

Jutilda, I'm here to tell you even if you ate all of Jeremy's cake, you wouldn't need a diet.

Kevin, I am also looking forward to what's coming. I always love new years -- it's a nice new page to write on. Or photograph.

Altadena, I knew I could count on you!

Yak -- I have all the wheat-free recipes you'll need. (Usually, it's a blend of flous that works best. Mixing sweet rice flour and cocoa powder makes a mean chocolate chip cookie...)

Babooshka, I couldn't bear to take our tree down today. Plus, my little girl thinks it's supposed to stay up "forever, Mommy! Forever!" Hey, why not?

Cafe, more sleep? What's that?

Thanks for all the lovely comments today everyone -- and all the interesting email, those of you who choose to remain in the shadows! Until tomorrow...

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