Friday, August 5, 2022


by Laurie Allee

Thanks for stopping by my virtual South Pasadena front porch! In 2018  Glimpses of South Pasadena turned 10 years old, which was just the right time to take a break.*

Find out more about the history of Glimpses here.  Feel free to browse the tabs above and the many (too many) links on the bottom right for thousands of views of my favorite little town in the big city.  (All the video and slideshows can be found in the Video tab.)  I'm proud to have left a decade-long time capsule of my beautiful city.

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*I'll occasional pop in with a post or a photo if something really important is happening in South Pas!  

Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Can You See the Real Me? (Can you?)


Stepping in to say this is my Instagram account above.  I stepped away from it years ago and no longer update, but leave it up as a photo archive.  (Lots of South Pasadena photos there!). Unfortunately, someone else is impersonating me with my name and picture there and is spamming my readers and followers.  If you see them (I jumped back onto Insta to highlight who the account is) be sure to block and report.  If you have any questions about my official social accounts or websites, click here or here to check.

I'm happy to see that so many folks still visit Glimpses as a sort of time capsule, and I enjoy hearing from those of you who share memories with me.  I would never spam or solicit any of you.