Friday, July 17, 2009

Golden Summer

I can't think of anything to say that would add to this sunset view looking west from Monterey Hills. How about if Emily Dickenson does the talking, instead:

How the old Mountains drip with Sunset
How the Hemlocks burn—
How the Dun Brake is draped in Cinder
By the Wizard Sun—

How the old Steeples hand the Scarlet
Till the Ball is full—
Have I the lip of the Flamingo
That I dare to tell?

Then, how the Fire ebbs like Billows—
Touching all the Grass
With a departing—Sapphire—feature—
As a Duchess passed—

How a small Dusk crawls on the Village
Till the Houses blot
And the odd Flambeau, no men carry
Glimmer on the Street—

How it is Night—in Nest and Kennel—
And where was the Wood—
Just a Dome of Abyss is Bowing
Into Solitude—

These are the Visions flitted Guido—
Titian—never told—
Domenichino dropped his pencil—
Paralyzed, with Gold—


Shanna said...

Paralyzed with Gold !! Wow. Who can compete with the sky?

I guess I have indeed dropped my pencil - well, make that my pastel or paint brush - and have taken up the camera.

Again, a perfect photo/text combination.

Babooshka said...

Absolutely sensational image.

Dixie Jane said...

So many sunsets, so many days. Each different, each lovely. Thanks for this contribution. Beautiful words, beautiful colors.As Litte Orphan Annie would say, "Makes me feel glad all over."

Dixie Jane said...

Laurie: Accompanying pictures to comments no longer show up on my screen. Is it everyone's problem or just mine?

Hilda said...


brattcat said...

Such a moment! Awe-inspiring post.

dbdubya said...

I'm getting the photos, DJ.

Beautiful sunset. Summer is finally here. I like the double row of hills and the wispy dried brush filtering the sun as it goes down behind the farthest hill.

Halcyon said...

Gorgeous! Love those sunset colors.

Amelie said...

My most favorite picture!

Double "D" said...


TheChieftess said...

Beautiful sunset the silhouette against the brilliant orange of the sky...

Yakpate said...

A perfect match of poetry to image... both are breathtaking.

So is the love that seeks the image and marries it to a masterpiece of poetry.

-K- said...

"By the Wizard sun" indeed...Wonderful shot. I love everything about it.

Petrea said...

I would like to wear this.

Shanna said...

I first looked at this at about 1:00 this morning, so I had to come back and see it and read the poem again. They are both so very beautiful!!! Such perfection.

Judy Williams said...

Holy Sh*t!!!! That's maybe one of your best ever. Simple. Almost Zen-like. The poetry- sublime.

Making it my new desktop.

Double "D" said...

Laurie, it always knocks the wind out of me whenever you've taken a shot like this and then connected it with such marvelous verse. Your pretty talented, I'll bet you already knew that. You're an inspiration.

Laurie said...

Golly gee, folks. And I thought maybe this was just another sunset photo! Thanks so much for all of the amazingly nice comments. *blushes*

And as for Emily D's verse -- isn't it grand? I've always loved those last four lines.

Til tomorrow, gang. Thanks again.

Cafe Pasadena said...

I always enjoy your sister Judy's beautiful poetic way with words.

Laurie said...

Me too, Cafe. Isn't she great?