Sunday, July 10, 2011

Abstract by iPhone

I've always thought the angles of my bedroom would make an interesting picture, but I never got around to taking any shots. This one came about by mistake. I hit the shutter button shortly after I downloaded the latest update for my iPhone Retro Camera app.

I love happy accidents.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting and surrealish. (Skylight, I'm guessing.)

Judy Williams said...

There's something so deliberate in the abstract. What I really love are the colors of aqua and chartreuse. Great mistake!!

wv: gatingin

After a few too many beers, Harriet attempted to write her Civil War history paper about Gatling guns. To no avail.

TheChieftess said...

Are you sure this was a mistake???

-K- said...

Cubism meets bedroomism.

Anonymous said...


Auntie S said...

You never know what's going to happen...isn't chance wonderful!

I'd love to see more!